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The Price Jesus Paid for Christmas

What if He had decided He couldn’t afford it?

December 2017

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Sabbath as Holy Time
What does it actually mean to keep the Sabbath “holy”?
Committing to a Cause
Baptism should be based on an informed decision.
The Trinity
The idea that God is three Individuals is one of Christianity’s most controversial teachings.
Living With Children: Disciplining an 18-year-old
Disciplining an 18-year-old.

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Feeding the Body, Starving the Soul
Is there a solution to the self-acceptance-dieting dilemma?
Grief at Christmas
The the loss of a loved one is most felt in the festive season.
Small Steps to Big Success
Changing a bad habit can be tough, but it can be done.
Anticipating the End
Are you ready for the end time?
God the Giver!
A reflection on John 3:16.
Jesus the Gift
Jesus knew before He came to earth what He would suffer when He got here.
The Witness
Can people see Jesus in you?
Religion in the News

Food Matters
Edible Gifts
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Your Other Brain
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