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What Jesus' Birth Means to You

Jesus' birth wasn't always the most important thing about Christmas for Nancy Canwell. But it is today!

December 2011

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Who's in the White Corner?
Should we or should we not celebrate Christmas? What do history, tradition, and the Bible tell us?
Committing to a Cause
When it comes to decisions of faith, we may have more in common with atheists than we think.
What Difference Does a Day Make?
Two reasons why God's choice of a day for the Sabbath—the seventh day of the week—makes the most sense.
Food Matters: Fancy a Fruit Juice?


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The Family Reunion That Wasn't
A retelling of an ancient story in a contemporary setting.
Staying Motivated This Winter
Six ways to stay in shape this winter—and stay motivated to do so.
The Gift
Here's the story of one woman who, after receiving a life-changing gift, refused to hold on to it.
You Are What You Think
The world around us has more influence on who we are than we may think.
Four Ways to Find Time for God
Do you find yourself promising to spend more time praying and reading your Bible? Here are some ways you can make that desire come true.
Reflections on the New Year
Next month is the time for New Year's resolutions. Here are some questions that you will want to ask yourself as you contemplate your resolutions.
O Little Town of Bethlehem
The story of Phillips Brooks, the man behind the well-known Christmas carol.
At Lowest Ebb
In his book Christmas in My Heart, Joe Wheeler shares a story by an unknown author that illustrates the difficulty—and the importance—of trusting God.
A Vietnam Christmas Story
A story about how persistence and a clever move made Christmas a little more enjoyable for America's prisoners of war in Vietnam.
Bible Discovery: Baptism

Living With Children: Should Parents Say "Please"?

Your Bible Questions
If the Kenites were the descendants of Cain, how did they survive Noah's flood?