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God With Us

Signs of the Times asked Nancy Canwell to reflect on the meaning of the name Immanuel. We think you'll appreciate her thoughts.

December 2010

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Get Your Kids Moving
How do you help a child develop an exercise habit that will last for his or her lifetime? Here are some suggestions.
When Will Jesus Return?
Christmas is about celebrating the day Jesus first came to this world. When will he return?
Once Saved, Maybe Saved?
Felicito Fernando wasn't sure he could answer Yes when asked whether he was saved. The answer he found to this question may help you to answer it too.
Food Matters: Fats—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


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Gifts to a Restless World
While there are no biblical or historical reasons for the observance of Christmas, there is still a reason to celebrate.
What's in a Name?
Does "a rose by any other name . . . smell as sweet"? Here's a reflection on the meaning of two names in the Bible.
The Party
Christina arranged a Christmas party for her friends, but it took some people a while to catch on that they should be there.
6 Stupid Things Singles Do to Mess Up Their Lives
An author and speaker on courtship and marriage discusses choices that are likely to lead to an unhappy marital relationship.
How to Really Be Free
Here's why we need laws, including God's law.
Getting in Shape
According Seth Pierce, martial arts training is in some ways similar to attending church.
Children of Hope
Jay told David how God used International Children's Care to help her gain an education so she could serve God and humanity.
God's Footprint
Here's a story that helps us to understand that there really is a God.
Bible Discovery: Growing in Christ

Living With Children: When a Child Hurts a Baby

Your Bible Questions
Does the person who commits suicide forfeit his or her right to eternal life?