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Fooling With Time

We divide our time into days, weeks, months, and years—and God intended that we should do so.

November 2018

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When There Will Be No Atheists
The time is coming when there will be no doubt.
Was Luther a Prophet?
An interesting question with a surprising answer.
God’s Perfect Gifts
They’re exactly what believers need.
Living With Children: Toilet Training


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Kevan’s Journey as a Backpack
How the kindness of friends reveals the kingdom of God.
The Inflammation–Depression Link
Practical ways to lift your depression.
Doing Everything Right . . . Finally
What does that mean when it comes to your health?
Please, Have a Chair
When faith is more than just a theory.
Romance, Job hunting, and Salvation
What is Jesus doing in heaven right now?
The Burglar
Nobody is too bad for God to save.
The Pale Blue Dot
We’re tiny, but incredibly significant.
Dealing With Thoughts and Feelings

Religion in the News

Food Matters: An Unhealthy Vegetarian?

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