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When You Can't Buy or Sell

Clifford Goldstein examines Revelation's cryptic prediction about economic boycotts in the light of current events.

October 2012

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How to Be Friends With God
Did it ever occur to you that God wants you as a His friend? How can you have a comfortable relationship with Him?
Suppose You Found a Watch
Where did Life on our planet originate? This is one of the key debates between science and religion.
Messages From God
Do we today need prophets, or is the Bible enough?
Is Baptism Really Necessary?
Some people ask why they have to be baptized. Isn't it enough that they love and serve God?
How to Understand the Delay in Christ's Return
Because we long for a perfect world, we also become impatient for Jesus to return to our earth.
Food Matters: Getting Enough Vitamin B12


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A Gift of Love
What do you give that can best express your care and devotion?
Celebrating October 31
Christians commonly dismiss Halloween as a pagan festival. However, there is something worth celebrating that day.
You Shall Not Commit Adultery
Are you dissatisfied with your marriage? Julie Hoey discovered a way to make a sour relationship turn sweet.
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
Many people have claimed to be Jesus over the years. How does one avoid being deceived by them?
Vitamins Explained From A to K
Did you know that 2012 is the hundredth anniversary of the discovery of vitamins? What are their functions and sources?
From Horror to Hope
An organization is working to permanently remove a societal stigma that has plagued the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nepali women.
Courage to Confess
Do you have the courage to make amends when you've done something you know is wrong?
Bible Discovery: Creation By God or By Nothing?

Living With Children: Curing Tantrums

Your Bible Questions
God set aside the seventh day as a Sabbath rest day, so wouldn't any day be acceptable to worship and praise Him, even if it's Tuesday.