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Born to Die

Why did God send His Son Jesus to die for us?

December 2007

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The Carol That Stopped a War
The story of that most popular of Christmas carols, "Silent Night."
How Perfect Must I Be?
What does it take for God to Save you into His kingdom?
Obsessions About Possessions
What counts isn't how much you have, it's how you use what you have.
Food Matters
Comfort Eating Over Christmas

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Uncovering Loneliness
Hidden in so many hearts is a desire to know and be known.
The White Axalea
A love story centered on the life of the small and beautiful.
Love One Another
The so-called eleventh commandment is the basis for all ten.
Two Options
We have a lot of choices in life, but only two that really count.
Christmas Her Way
The author learned a lesson from her three-year-old daughter-one that most of us have a hard time remembering at Christmas.
Protecting Your Intestinal Health
The colon, or large intestine, may not be the most talked about organ in your body, but it's an important ingredient in your overall health.
Sign of the Covenant
God always give His people freedom to declare their allegiance-or not.
Sewing a Brighter Future
ADRA helps Mongolian young people exit the poverty cycle.
Bible Discovery
The Mark of a True Christian
Living With Children
Free Expression for Kids?
Your Bible Questions
Is the observance of Christma forbidden? How about Halloween and other man-made holidays?