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Did Ancient Prophets Predict Jesus’ Birth?

The Old Testament is filled with predictions of a coming Redeemer. Ed Dickerson explores some of the more significant ones.

December 2005

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“I’ll Work for Some Supper”
The stranger disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. What happened in between was a godsend. Tom Kovach tells the story.
The Surprise Gifts
Faced with medical bills, Eva Juliuson wondered what she could give for Christmas. Then she had an idea: Give what you have!
A Psychologist or a Barber?
Children sometimes do strange things. Avoid making too big a deal out of it, says psychologist John Rosemond, or you may make a big deal out of a little deal.
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Christmas Finances—Bah, Humbug!
Ebenezer Scrooge’s life was transformed by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Gordon Botting applies those same lessons to your holiday spending.
How God Became One of Us
Satan has done everything he possibly can to distort our understanding of God. But looking to Jesus, says Jerry Thomas, you’ll learn the truth.
Alone on Christmas Day
Walking the streets of Madrid, Miriam Salcedo-Gonzalez saw evidences of Christmas everywhere.
The Gift of Peace
Rosemary Hines couldn’t think of a thing she needed or wanted for Christmas. So she asked for something simple, and received peace of mind.
First Coming, Second Coming
When Sally Dillon compares Jesus’ first coming with His second coming, she finds many differences—and one striking similarity.