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“Will There Ever Be Peace on Earth?”

The angels who announced Jesus’ birth also proclaimed “peace on earth.” In spite of war and terrorism, Loren Seibold says that hope is still alive.

December 2004

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What If He Hadn’t Been Born?
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What Kind of God Do You Want?
We humans want a God who cares about our suffering, forgives our sins, and vindicates injustice. The editor says Revelation shows all this about Jesus.
The Gift in the Kitchen
Joanne Schulte healed a strained relationship when she told her son she loved him. She didn’t expect the gift she received in return.
7 Questions About the Millennium
When will the millennium begin? What will the earth be like? What will happen to God’s people, to the wicked? Doug Batchelor answers these and other questions.
Keeping Christmas Simple
Shopping, parties, piles of gifts—will it never end? Randy Maxwell explains how you can “decommercialize” your Christmas this year.
When God Sent Flowers
Connie Cameron wanted special flowers for Christmas, but how could she and her family ever afford them? Let her tell you what happened.
Shabby Sheep
Celeste Walker’s little girl misunderstood what her mother had said, which gave Celeste a new insight into God’s love for each one of us.
Boxcar Cathedral
Shortly after World War II a group of GIs in Germany found a way to make their Christmas Eve special. Wilbur Hendricks was there.