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Darwinism: What About the Science?

Charles Darwin published his famous book, The Origin of the Species, in November 1859. Biologist Timothy Standish reflects on the state of Darwinism 150 years later.

November 2009

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The Cancer Detour
Embrace all of life and love it, says Ronda Armstrong, for even the parts we perceive as bad will contribute to its beauty.
After Death, Then What?
A close encounter with death prompted the author to reflect on what happens to us humans after we die.
Daniel's Amazing Time Prophecies
A monarch's dream of future history came from God Himself.
Living With Children: Choosing Teachers


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Training for a Fun Run
Organized walks and fun runs are a motivational opportunity for getting fit and losing weight.
Monica: A Praying Mother
Prayer on behalf of others can have a real and long-lasting impact.
Surviving Divorce
Sheilah Vance found six Bible passages that helped her make it through the pain of her divorce.
Reaching Murderers for Jesus
Two unusual stories about murderers whose lives were transformed after listening to Christian radio broadcasts.
Unity in Diversity
The author discusses the practical question of the extent to which Christians can believe differently yet still be united in church membership.
The God to Whom We Pray
All over the world, people are praying, but there are marked differences in the kind of God they pray to.
God wants to be your Daddy, intimately involved in everything you do.
Proving Your New Birth
Some Christians wonder whether they've been born again. H. M. S. Richards, Sr. responds to this question with a story.
Food Matters: Low GI Eating Can Control Your Sugar

Bible Discovery: The Body of Christ

Your Bible Questions
Why does God take us through hard times and permit sin if He has the power to stop it?