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Christ’s Second Coming: You Can Bet on It!

Most people don’t make comparisons between casinos and things in the Bible, but Clifford Goldstein came up with a good one.

November 2006

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Why Should I Pray?
Have you ever prayed and prayed for something you never received? Did you feel like giving up? Then read Dan Smith’s analysis of the problem.
Where Did Halloween Come From?
You thought Halloween was a strictly American tradition? Not so, says Alfredo Campechano, though customs do differ from country to country.
Sarah’s Vase
Physician David Cerqueira had to deliver the terrible news to Sarah’s parents. But Sarah still had one more service to perform.
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Ashley’s Miracle
The doctor’s words to Shelley Watkins were every parent’s nightmare. That’s why, today, she stares so much at her daughter Ashley.
The Good News in the Bad News
It doesn’t take most of us very long to get pessimistic about the direction the world’s headed. But Lonnie Melashenko finds reason to hope.
What Christ’s Second Coming Will Be Like
Have you heard that Jesus will keep His second coming a secret? Miguel Valdivia insists that that’s not the story the Bible tells!
Driven to Perfection
Perfection is a great idea. But Carol Cannon, who facilitates group therapy at a live-in addiction treatment center, says that it can also get us in trouble.