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Doesn't God Care?

How do we explain a loving God to people who are suffering tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina that destroyed New Orleans this past September?

November 2005

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Escape From Perfectionism
Clinton Meharry found the pathway to healing when he discovered that his food addiction was driven by a misunderstanding of God.
Ready or Not?
Katrina reminds all of us that insofar as possible, we need to prepare for crises ahead of time—and this includes spiritual crises.
A Peruvian Thanksgiving
Leon Jones was stuck in Peru, frustrated that local unrest made it impossible to visit his family at Thanksgiving time. Then a child put everything in perspective for him.

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The Prophetic Implications of Katrina
The Bible doesn’t mention Katrina, of course, but that tragedy is a minor example of what it does predict.
How Dead Are the Dead?
Reincarnation, the grave, heaven, and hell. Theories of what happens when you die abound. Atilio Dupertuis takes a close look at what the Bible says.
In Love With the Law
Most of us accept laws governing our behavior as a necessary inconvenience. But loving the law? Evangelist Shawn Boonstra says Yes!
Tasty Temptation
Looking for something appetizing for your next meal? Try out Debi and Jim Pedersen’s Southwest Rice and Bean Salad. You won’t be disappointed!
Brutus and the Kerosene Heater
Jesus said that God cares even for the sparrows that fall to the ground. One winter’s night Ron Reese took that as a promise and challenged God to make good on it.
Why Should I Be Baptized?
Many people wonder whether baptism will make any difference in their life. Alfredo Campechano explains what baptism means and why it really matters.