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Beware of Ghosts

If you think they’re fun and maybe funny, watch out. They aren’t!

September 2020

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Grace at 30,000 Feet
A lawyer looks at his past and finds his future.
God’s Soul Cleanser

How Jesus Treated Bad People

Health Matters: Nutrition to Boost Your Immunity


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Even Better Than a Golden Spatula
Success requires an instruction manual.
The Rescue

Promises Matter
Ours and God’s
Obsessions About Possessions
If you follow the right rules, you won’t have to worry about money.
The Millennium
One thousand years for asking questions and getting answers.
At Peace With Myself
It’s a growth process, so don’t give up.
Because of Love
Love can change our perception of things.
The Warning
Don’t reject it when you hear it.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Kids and Pornography

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions