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Jesus' Last Words

The most important you'll ever hear

April 2022

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How Real Is the Resurrection?
Truth or myth?
The Christ in Us
Actions speak louder than words.
Earthquakes and Birth Pains
Painful times can mean that something good is about to happen.
Living With Children: Because I Said So


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Do Not Take God's Name in Vain
Don't pretend to be what you're not!
Living a Life Without Regret
Your future can be better than your past.
The Right Question
The paralytic found the right answer.
Sometimes it takes a stranger to mend a family.
Play at It
Disaster doesn't have to be disastrous.
"I Will Come Again"
He's taking you to your new home!
Rejoice in Hope
Jesus is coming again.
Religion in the News

Health Matters: What to Eat for All-Day Energy

Answers to Your Bible Questions