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Praying for a Breakthrough!

And trusting God to do what's best

February 2022

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The Last War
Armageddon and the Middle East
Jesus, the Transparent Man
What you see when you look at Jesus
Things Are Looking Up—Jesus Is Coming!
When it happens, you won't want to miss it!
Living With Children: The Right Cure for Your Child's Shyness


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When I Met God
He met my deepest needs.
Season Your Food With an Anticancer Punch
Fight cancer with flavor.
When We'll Judge God
Is He just and fair?
Christian Unity
It's needed now more than ever.
Taking a Nap at Church

A Devastating Surprise
Don't be caught off guard!
Is Heaven so Unbelieveable?
It sounds incredible, but it's real!
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Are Whole Grains the New Health Hero?

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions