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What Is Armageddon?

It probably doesn’t mean what you’ve been told.

January 2020

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Stubborn Faith
When faith transcends reason
Three in One
The Trinity: Logical? Biblical?
Can Sincerity Guarantee Salvation?
Only under the right circumstances
Health Matters: Best Drinks to Build Immunity


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Fighting FOMO
Less stressing, more blessing
A Universal Language
It’s easy to learn and profound in its meaning.
The Healing Power of Camping
It’s fresh, green, natural . . . and cheap!
Fatherhood and Connection
Dads are vitally important.
How I Became a Creationist
From theistic evolutionist to biblical creationist: a geologist’s story
How to Share God’s Love With Others
Like anything else, it’s a learned skill.
God Answers an Emergency Prayer

Religion in the News

Living With Children: The Danger of Drugs for ADHD

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions