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Yo-Yo Religion

How does God deal with Christians who yield to temptation and sin?

September 2019

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What’s Wrong With Harry Potter?
Be careful about messing around with the occult.
An Oasis in Time
The challenge and blessing that come from keeping the Sabbath
The Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Romances
When your eyes meet across a crowded staff room . . .
Health Matters: Hara Hachi Bu


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The Debt Crisis
Does the Bible predict a coming financial crisis?
Does Prayer Make a Difference?
God cares about the small things.
The Eleventh Commandment
It’s the one on which the other 10 are all based.
The Importance of Baptism by Immersion
There’s more to immersion than going under the water.
God’s Law of Love
God’s law is a guide for loving other people.
A Flight to Remember
Did God send a flock of ducks to save a pair of daredevils?
God’s Angels Protect Us
A story illustrating the psalmist’s encouraging words.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Why Today’s Public Schools Are Dysfunctional

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