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5 Steps to Spirituality

Would you like to have a closer connection with God? Randy Maxwell shares how you can develop a greater sense of God’s presence in your life.

September 2016

Signs online features this month

From Meat to Plants
Few things in our day-to-day living are more influenced by tradition than our food choices, but, as Simon Barden points out, sometimes change is helpful.
How to Choose a Church
If you’ve been looking around for a church or denomination to join, Arnold Wheeler has some suggestions on how to make an informed choice.
It’s Never Too Late to Grieve
Richard Bauman tells a touching story about a lost love for a baby sister he never had a chance to know.
Food Matters
Preventing Inflammatory Bowel Disease
What the Bible Says About the Millennium
According to Revelation 20, a 1,000-year period will follow Christ’s second coming. Ed Dickerson explains what will happen during this millennium and why.

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Crisis at 32,000 Feet
A woman’s midair ordeal with her husband’s unexpected stroke.
Connected, but Lonely?
Social media has made us more well linked—but also more isolated.
Declared Innocent
You’ve sinned again—what happens now?
Unethical, but Legal
Getting away with something thanks only to a loophole: is it right?
A Reason to Live
Blind since a child, he faced a life of despair and emptiness.
Satan’s Spy Chips
Was RFID technology predicted by the Bible?
What Difference Do God’s Laws Make?
Some Christians argue that they are not “under law,” meaning God’s laws. But Loren Seibold explains why obeying God’s moral laws really is important.
Trouble on Apollo 13
The spacecraft was in trouble, but they made it back to earth by orienting it correctly. George Vandeman draws a spiritual lesson from how they did it.
The Compass of Life
Barry Kimbrough’s story illustrates the truth that sometimes small mistakes can have devastating consequences.
Religion in the News

Living With Children
Kids and Sports
Your Bible Questions
Who created God?