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Raising Confident Kids

To function well, adults need positive attitudes about themselves. Kay Kuzma gives some tips for helping your kids feel good about themselves.

September 2013

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A Guide to Eating Well
What should you be eating for optimal health? Nutritionist and dietitian Sue Radd reviews dietary guidelines.
The Ultimate Space Journey
Mark Finley says that a day is coming when we won't have to be astronauts in order to explore our own galaxy—or any other!
Law of Love
In a world full of rules, Nancy Canwell explains why we need ten more.
What Will We Be Like in Heaven?
Will we have physical bodies in our next lives? And will we recognize our friends and loved ones? Samuele Bacchiocchi responds to these questions.
Living With Children: The Underachieving Teen


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The Two Margarets
Harold Harker details the background of what has been called "one of the darkest acts" of religious persecution.
Lessons From Parenthood
Patty Ntihemuka reflects on some things she learned about her heavenly Parent after becoming a parent herself.
Long-Distance Dad
If you are a father, read what Karen Holford has to say on how you can be a great dad even when you're no longer with your children's mom.
Special Delivery
Sandra Doran shares a dramatic experience she shared with her husband and her adopted son Jeffrey.
A Purpose for the Pain
Sheridan Voysey's broken dream brought new beginnings—and a better understanding of God.
Building Hope in Chad
Julie Lee followed a group of volunteers who traveled to Africa to build a hospital.
Johnny's Lost

Food Matters: Iodine: Vital for Health

Bible Discovery: The Ten Commandments

Your Bible Questions
Why did God give a law that allowed a man to sell his daughter as a slave?