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Relating to Muslims

Christians can’t hate others and at the same time love god and each other.

August 2017

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Who Are We?
Are we humans basically good or bad?
The Sugar Diaries
She shunned sugar for a month. How did that work out?
A Word Picture of Jesus’ Second Coming

Living With Children
Moving trauma

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The God Who Keeps Coming Back
Reflecting on the God who won’t let us go, even when we turn away from Him.
God’s Reward
It’s easy to assume that we can earn god’s forgiveness.
The Coal Basket
A story that’s making the rounds of the Internet illustrates an important truth about Bible study.
Let’s Be Honest . . .
It’s still true—honesty is the best policy. Always!
Living in Perpetual Fear?
Pervasive war will be a sign of Jesus’ imminent return.
Good News About Death!
The facts and fiction about death—and the truth isn’t actually scary.
Not Under a Mango Tree!
The church needed a place to meet. she provided it.
Stranger on the Expressway
Who was this good samaritan?
The Toy Soldiers
Today you can read about God in the Bible, and you can look at an artist’s conception of Jesus. But Kenneth Holland says that will change someday.
Religion in the News

Inside Your Brain
So Sad That It Hurts
Food Matters
Healthier Flatbreads
Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions