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When to Say Goodbye

Today’s medical technology makes it possible to prolong life much longer than in the past. Ed Dickerson discusses the issues involved in making that decision.

August 2016

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God Hears
Roy A. Borges has spent many years in prison. Through this experience he’s learned to know God, and he shares with us some lessons he’s learned about prayer.
Are We Saved by Obedience?
Some people feel that obedience? God can’t accept them until they’ve overcome their sins. Arnold Wheeler explains why that isn’t true.
Revisiting the Trinity
Throughout most of the Christian era, theologians have debated the doctrine of the Trinity. Marvin Moore examines the biblical evidence.
Living With Children
A Rebellious teen

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Adventure on the High Seas
Facing an impossible storm, the only thing they could do was pray.
The TV Trap
Why you need to overcome a television addiction and how to do it
Perfect Unemployment
How the economy would suffer if we all chose to behave better
The Winston Aftermath
Life in Fiji after facing the worst cyclone in history
Call No Man Father
Finding trust in those who have betrayed it
C U Next Week
Making friends as an adult—not so easy
The Brain in Your Belly
Did you know that you actually have a second brain? Arlene R. Taylor tells how this alternate brain affects the way you feel physically.
The Leaking Economy
With the world economy faltering, are we near the end of the world?
The Runaway Cows
Nona Schmidt found herself in a dilemma that she was helpless to solve, so she called on God for help.
Religion in the News

Food Matters
Dark-green, Leafy Vegetables
Your Bible Questions