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Learning to Love Exercise

How to be fit and healthy without it feeling like hard work.

July 2017

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Is Baptism Necessary?
Does our salvation depend on whether we are baptized?
Can God Ever Stop Loving Me?
It’s easy for us humans to think that we’re too bad for God to accept us. But Melissa Howell tells a story that turns that idea on its head.
What Is Truth?
How can you know what is truth and what isn’t?
Food Matters
Which Fruit Should you Eat?

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Greed in the Last Days
How the Bible knew the rich would get richer and the poor, poorer
God Can Do What He Promises to Do
We humans are limited in what we’re able to do for ourselves and others.
My Reality
What seems real may not necessarily be the truth.
A Close Call
Lessons about God from the birth of a child
Stuck in the Waiting Room
Does God love those who are past marrying age?
From Piggy Banks to Portfolios
Creating financially astute adults begins when they are children.
No Joke
When does humor go too far?
Conquering Giants
Loving life at 88—how relying on God makes that possible
On Sand and in Stone
Victor Parachin tells a story that reminds us to remember the good things people do to us and to forget the harmful things they do.
Religion in the News

Living With Children
Curing the Disruptive Second-grader
Answers to Your Bible Questions