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Can Science Create Life?

Ed Dickerson reflects on the biblical significance of the achievements of modern science in creating new organs and manipulating DNA.

July 2016

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Does Baptism Change You?
What’s supposed to happen when you’re baptized? Are you supposed to experience some overpowering feeling? Maylan Schurch responds to these questions.
What Should You Eat?
Stefanie Thorpe looks at some food trends and offers some guidelines on how to discern between healthy eating patterns and fad diets.
Lessons From a GPS
Reflecting on the Global Positioning System in her friend’s car, Sandra Doran came up with several analogies to the Christian life.
Food Matters
Shift-work Strategies.

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When Kids Take Charge
How children are wresting control away from parents.
Seeing Your Special Angel
Angels really do exist—and they do walk this earth.
Pet-Shop Prayer
Her petition to God was answered—she just had to wait a bit.
What Technology Is Doing to Our “Hearts”
We’ve all heard about the ills of the Internet. Rob Muthiah points out that it can affect our empathy and compassion—our “hearts.”
Food From Heaven
A mission to feed the homeless.
The Miracle That Almost Wasn’t
When Laurice Kafrouni Durrant was a missionary in Pakistan, she experienced an answer to prayer that was almost stolen from her. Literally!
Million-Dollar Weddings
What the increasing price tags of weddings say about the quality of marriages.
Two Reasons Not to Have a Devotional Life
Christians have come up with a variety of reasons to skip Bible study and prayer. Morris Venden examines two of them.
“Too Cheap!”
An unknown author responds to the charge by some nonreligious people that the Bible’s plan of salvation is “too cheap.”
Religion in the News

Living With Children
Kids and Electronic Devices.
Your Bible Questions