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The War to End all Wars

This month marks the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Ed Dickerson reflects on how that war started and its meaning for us today.

July 2014

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Invasion From Space
Science fiction writers love to spin stories of space aliens attacking our planet, but Lonnie Melashenko says an invasion really will happen someday.
1,000 Years and Beyond
According to the Bible, our planet will be desolate for 1,000 years, and then will come the final and permanent end of evil.
The First Terrorist
Ever since September 11, 2001, the world has been very aware of terrorism. But Mark Finley says that terrorism began long before that fateful date.
Living With Children: Potty Training Blues


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How to Grow Together With God
Husbands and wives sometimes have a hard time growing together spiritually. Karen Holford provides some strategies to help.
Surviving Pain
Melody Tan interviewed best-selling author Max Lucado about facing life's challenges and difficulties.
Can Eating Plants Make You Fat?
Maddison Fox and Julie Hoey explain why having a plant-based diet can be the secret to good health and an optimum weight.
Glimpses of God
We can't see God without eyes, but Teresa Reeve shares with us some of the previews of Him that we find in the Bible.
Caught in the Very Act
Jeris Bragan recounts a dramatic scene that illustrates Jesus' great willingness to forgive.
Your Friendly Judge
Some people are scared that God is angry at them, and He's "out to get them." But Trudy Morgan-Cole says He's your Friend, and He's on your side!
The Genesis Diet
Is God really interested in what you eat? Danny Shelton points out that God had a plan for your diet on the day He created you.
Angry With God
The idea that a Christian might be angry with God sounds blasphemous, but Janice Maes discovered that God loved her just the same.
When We Leave God Behind
Roy Borgess tells a story that illustrates the truth that without God, we aren't as free as we imagine ourselves to be.
Food Matters: Greening Your Kitchen

Bible Discovery: The Millennium and the End of Suffering

Your Bible Questions
Are [Neanderthals] descendants of Adam and Eve?