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The Insanity of Violence

Why is violence so prevalent? Who's to blame? Loren Seibold comments on the reason the world has been such a violent place for thousands of years.

July 2013

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Resting From Works, Resting in God
Sabbath rest is God's way of helping us develop spiritual maturity.
When We'll Judge God
Christians speak of God judging human beings. Someday we will also judge Him.
No Longer Lonely
Do you feel discouraged or abandoned? Nancy Canwell tells about the private Cheering Squad that each of us has.
Living With Children: Disciplining Impossible Children


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A Covenant That Works
Have you ever promised something to another person? If so, you've made a covenant with him or her. Mark Finley discusses a covenant that God has made with you and me.
How to Say No
Sometimes we confuse saying No with selfishness. But Sheila O'Connor says that by being more assertive, we can live more stress-free lives.
Leap of Faith
Andrew Cate learned that stepping way out of his comfort zone brought with it a series of lessons that have lasted a lifetime.
The Lost Art of Doing Nothing
Melody Tan says it's vital that we learn to slow down, give ourselves time to "smell the roses," and enjoy life.
Remembering the Forgotten
One organization is giving people their dignity back through food and other basic necessities.
Speech: Is It a Blessing or a Curse?
They say sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will never hurt us. Evidelia Gomez argues otherwise.
Walk for Your Health
Some people consider walking to be a means of transportation rather than exercise, but Helen Vause shows us its health benefits.
Meteor Impact: Is That How the World Will End?
Scientists say a huge meteor could blast the human race out of existence. Ed Dickerson explains why that's not the Bible's story about the end of time.
Rock of Safety
Are you facing a difficult situation that you fear could destroy you? Barry Kimbrough's story illustrates the solution.
Food Matters: Vitamin C and the Common Cold

Bible Discovery: The Trinity

Your Bible Questions
Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in Eden to test Adam and Eve when He already knew they would disobey Him?