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Angels: What the Bible Says About Them

Is believing in heavenly beings called angels indeed biblical?

July 2010

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Five Ways to Survive Parenting a Teenager
Randy Maxwell reflects on what it was like when he and his wife, Suzette, had a teenage daughter living in their homeā€”and how they dealt with her.
Does God Care What We Eat?
What's on the menu when God fixes the meal? The answer may surprise you.
Living With Children: Dealing With Bossy Children


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Alcohol the Acceptable Addiction
It is said that a glass of red wine a day is good for one's health. Here's the truth behind the "health benefits" of alcohol.
Is God's Law Still Important?
Some Christians claim that God's law has been done away with. Here are some of the implications of that idea.
The Pilgrims
The Pilgrims have over one million direct descendants in the United States. Read here about their origins.
What Does Your Money Say About You?
Look at the lives of the rich and famous and discover that not only can money not buy happiness—it sometimes leads to grief.
Helping the Blind to See
Being blind sometimes means having to miss out on the simple things of life. But there is another way.
God's Tailor-Made Job
The author experiences firsthand just what it means to receive a blessing from God.
Will prejudice prevent us from obtaining a satisfactory life? Find out.
The Trial of Your Life
How can it be fair for God to punish the wicked when He's never endured their suffering?
Pray First, Speak Second
It's easy to hold resentment against someone. It's often difficult to know how to relate to it.
Food Matters: Had a Gutful?

Bible Discovery: Paradox of Christ

Your Bible Questions
Is victory over all sins necessary in order to meet Jesus with holiness of character?