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Death: Where Do We Go?

Many Christians believe that when they die their souls will go immediately to fellowship with Jesus and the angels. Shawn Boonstra checks out what the Bible says.

June 2015

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How Evil Began
There was a time when evil didn't exist anywhere in the universe. Charles Mills explains how it got started.
How Jesus Handled Temptation
The Bible says that Jesus never sinned. Teresa Reeve tells how He dealt with temptation, because His example can help us to deal with our temptations.
The Caffeine Buzz
It's the drug that 90 percent of the world uses, but is it harmless? Larisa Brass explores how your morning coffee impacts your health.
Food Matters: Trust Turmeric


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Real-life Friends!
Karen Holford shares some tips on how we can bring more joy and meaning to the relationships around us.
Story of a Reborn Addict
Kathy Hardman discovered that even when she was in the bottom of the pit, God still loved her.
On My Best Behavior
Nancy Canwell finds that when people become Christians, the thing they always wanted to change in their lives but couldn't—begin to change!
Dark Valley, Shining Light
Sonja Larsen and Rama Basnet tell us about a major health problem that challenges women in Nepal—and what the two of them are doing about it.
Left in the Hands of Jesus
From being abused as a child to finding God, Trudy Webster shares her life story.
Rewire, Not Renovate
Have you ever committed to something, only to do the complete opposite? Angela Zujic shares her experience.
One Day Beside Jordan
Loren Seibold says that in every act of Jesus' life, including His baptism, He set the example for how a Christian should live.
Stranger to the Rescue
Helping someone in need can be quite an inconvenience. Perhaps Mary Bahr Fitts's story can inspire the rest of us to "go that extra mile."
Free Fall
Mark Finley tells a story that illustrates why the biblical book of Revelation is important.
Living With Children: Cool Parents

Bible Discovery: How Then Shall We Live?

Your Bible Questions
Is it possible that a person can die before his appointed day?