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From Anger to Forgiveness

Anger isn't a bad emotion. We all experience it from time to time. The real issue is how we deal with it. Marvin Moore offers some helpful suggestions.

June 2014

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Why You Can Trust the Bible
John Bradshaw shows you why you can rely on God to lead you through your dark and difficult times.
The Father I've Always Wanted
Ty Gibson shares a story of childhood pain over the father he had and how he discovered the Father he'd always wanted.
Why My Saturdays are Sabbaths
Loren Seibold explains why he observes the Sabbath on Saturday and what that means to him.
Food Matters: Why You Should Reduce the AGEs in Your Food


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Risking Everything for Nothing
Keith Trumbo tells the story of someone who risked everything and lost it all. And planet Earth hasn't been the same since!
The Secret to a Happy Life
Derek McCutcheon takes a look at the secret to being successful.
Love Wins
As you read James Standish's story, you'll recognize the truth that true love endures hardships joyfully.

The Benefits of Being Outdoors
Living in a technology-focused era, our natural connection with planet Earth is dwindling. Julie Guirgis tells us why itis important to "get outside."
You Are Needed
There are times when we all wonder whether we serve a purpose in life. Nancy Canwell tells us why we each play an important role in this world.
Holding Hands
Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines wrecked the part of the island where it struck. Braden Blyde speaks with a local citizen about the recovery effort.
Is Your Child a Bully?
Can you recognize the signs of favor and fear transmitted by children? Devyani Borade looks at what really happens on the playground.
Lessons From a Mockingbird and a Crow
Roy Borgess, an inmate at a prison in the United States, draws a spiritual lesson from an incident he observed one day as he walked to the dining room.
Bible Discovery: What Do You Know About Spiritual Gifts?

Living With Children: Kids Who Argue

Your Bible Questions
I thought Seventh-day Adventists taught that all those not in heaven will be destroyed.