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What Is a Soul?

Popular theology says that every human being has an immortal soul. There is biblical evidence behind this idea.

June 2012

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Killer Stress
Falling asleep while you drive can kill you, even if you don't have an accident.
Give Yourself a Day
Nan Chase, who is not a Seventh-day Adventist, discovered that the Sabbath relieved her of stress and revived her marriage.
Fake It Till You Make It
If we do something without really wanting to, are we being hypocritical?
Food Matters: Detox Your Cookware


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Boost Your Spiritual Intelligence
Think more sharply and wisely with these valuable activities for improving your spiritual walk.
The Christian Mystery
Nigel Hollier explains the Christian practice of baptism and why it's more than just a ritual.
The Thief in the Night
Some Christians keep setting dates for Christ's second coming. There are problems associated with this practice.
Be Fruitful and Multiply?
What does last year's world population landmark mean to us?
The Perfect Gift
We all love receiving presents. What is one of the best gifts we can receive?
How to Understand the Truth
How can you be sure your beliefs are correct? What if you misunderstand some things?
Stop at the Curb
How do you speak to your children. Here is a new approach that will help them understand what you want.
Hope for the Children
In a country rife with poverty, the children are being saved, one community at a time.
The Blind Rich Man
Everyone would like to be wealthy. However there's a danger in wealth that few of us recognize.
Bible Discovery: On the Giving of Gifts

Living With Children: Who's the Problem Here?

Your Bible Questions
What will be the fate of infants and very young children who die before they know enough to accept Jesus?