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We struggle to understand God in the face of tragedies like the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Loren Seibold reflects on this timeless question.

June 2011

Signs online features this month

Body and Soul: Together Forever
Is there hope for the degenerate human being?
Our Unfortunate Inheritance
What causes us to do things like fudge on our taxes or treat people badly?
Am I Good Enough?
Many Christians wonder whether they're so sinful God can't accept them. The author felt that way, and she shares her answer.
Food Matters: Banish Fussy Eating
Does your child reject food, especially vegetables? Does he or she get easily distracted or refuse to sit at the table while eating? Don't get worried—get motivated!

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The Carpenter
Christians speak frequently of being baptized, but what is its significance?
Does God Give Signs
Is it appropriate to ask God for a sign when you want to know whether to do something or not?
Yes, No, or Yes When . . .
There can be a huge difference in the way differing brains absorb and respond to language.
Beach Bodies
An online personal trainer shows you how to make the most of the great outdoors and help springboard your fitness routine this summer.
A Change of Heart
We all need a change on the inside that will make us happier and more useful in serving others. Here is a personal experience that illustrates this truth.
A Ship That Saves Lives
It Is Written Oceania is not just a Christian TV program. It also supports special projects to help people in need.
Ageing Gracefully
With retirement looming, Signs associate editor Lee Dunstan, who lives in Australia, decided to make some inquiries.
Beyond the Classroom
Religious education goes far beyond what can be learned in school.
Where Is Heaven?
Did you ever wonder where heaven is? Try one minister's advice, and you'll learn all about it!
Bible Discovery: Human Nature

Living With Children: Dealing with Childish Irresponsibility

Your Bible Questions
Do our angels go everywhere with us? If we go to movies do they come in with us?