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The Great Tribulation

Will a "secret rapture" remove God's people from the world just before the Tribulation? Let's examine the biblical evidence.

June 2010

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Six Important Facts About Jesus' Second Coming
One of the most important Christian doctrines is the second coming of Jesus. Let's look at several things you should know about this teaching.
Take Control and Quit Smoking
Smoking kills and you need to quit—but how do you kick the habit? Here are eight suggestions you can begin doing immediately.
From Saturday to Sunday
Here are three factors that influenced Christians in the first few centuries after Christ to adopt the observance of Sunday.
The Millenium and the End of Sin
A thousand years sounds like a long time, but not when you're in heaven! Let's look at the time period after Christ returns.
Food Matters: Love Your Food, But . . .


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Internet Safety
Here are some ways to create and maintain healthy boundaries in the age of social networking.
Carried to Safety
Recovering from a tsunami requires help. A recently devastated Pacific Island community is managing, here's how.
Why Church?
A common question people ask is, Why should I go to church? It isn't just about God! Here's why.
One, Two, Three . . .
One of the mysteries about God is that He is One in three Persons.
Fooled by Appearances
One of Satan's most successful strategies is to cause us to believe a lie. Here is an illustration.
On Visiting a Cemetery
Cemeteries are places we tend to avoid. But we can find great meaning in the final resting places of the deceased.
Too Sinful to Save?
Some people see so little good in their lives that they think they are beyond salvation.
Living With Children: The Art of Raising Children

Bible Discovery: The Trinity in the Bible

Your Bible Questions
Is it true that the Ten Commandments were given only for the Jews to obey, not for everyone?