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An Anxious Mind

For those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks—there’s hope!

May 2019

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Hope and the End of History
What the Bible says about Jesus’ return to the earth
War in Heaven: How Everything Went Wrong
For millennia, theologians and philosophers have pondered how our world has become so evil. The Bible solves the problem.
At Home With My Family
The vital warmth of a church community
Health Matters: No Meat? No Problem!


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“God, Please Don’t Let Me Die!”
In a single moment, his life was changed forever.
Thankful for Nothing!
Sometimes it takes a child to remind us of our spiritual blessings—a true story.
Doctor, Not Dr. Google
Instant answers aren’t always best.
Dealing With Adversity
Don’t let difficult circumstances destroy you.
Lonely at the Resurrection?
Do thoughts of the resurrection make you feel sad?
5 Ways to Deal With Guilt
Hint: wallowing in eternal regret isn’t one of them.
The Prayer for Bread
He challenged her faith—and she challenged his!
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Advice I Learned From My Parents

Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions