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The Good News About Death

It’s OK to grieve the loss of a loved one, but there’s also reason to hope.

May 2018

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The Bible: Where It Came From
Written thousands of years ago—how did we get it today?
Obsessions About Possessions
Are you consumed by consumerism?
How to Resolve Church Conflicts
A pastor shares his experience.
Food Matters: Which Wholegrains are Best?


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Smoking Out Big Tobacco
One woman’s crusade to stop the tobacco plague at its source
The Rescue
A story illustrating the fact that often, when life’s circumstances seem most desperate, God has a solution.
Too Sinful to Save?
Some people think the answer is Yes. God says No.
A Necessity
She learned a profound spiritual lesson from a hike in Hawaii.
Beautiful Math!
Mathematics, music, and Creation have a lot in common.
Can We Baptize Ourselves?
Someone tried to!
Learning to Praise
It’s an important part of developing your relationship with God.
The Gift
There’s no greater gift.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: My Mother

Discover the Bible’s answers to Your Questions