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Are You a Workaholic?

Curtis Rittenour explains what work addiction is and how you can recognize it in yourself. Then he points out God's solution to the problem.

May 2015

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Why I Believe the Bible Is God's Word to Me
Charles Mills looks at several ways we can easily misunderstand the Bible and how he has come to accept it as God's Word to him.
Is the Rapture for Real?
Clifford Goldstein addresses the popular idea that genuine Christians will be taken to heaven seven years prior to Christ's actual second coming.
7 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep
Sleep is one of our most critical health needs, but some of us struggle to get enough. Victor Parachin offers seven suggestions that my help.
Living With Children: The Great Vaccination Debate


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How to Find an Exercise Program You're Passionate About
According to online personal trainer Andrew Cate, if you can find an exercise you genuinely enjoy doing, you'll never need to motivate yourself to be active.
Fuss-Free Praying
Do you find it difficult to speak with God? Rose McCormick Brandon provides some perspective and a solution.
Guiding Stars
Harold Harker investigates the problems associated with horoscopes and the reliability of consulting yours.
How to Say No
We're conditioned from a young age to obey and say Yes, but psychologists Arlene Taylor says that can be detrimental to our health in adulthood.
The Gift of Responsibility
God gave us authority over the world. Nancy Canwell shares with us what she's learned about all that's involved.
How to Know God's Will
When faced with a tough decision, we sometimes wonder which choice God would want us to make. Patricia Maxwell shares some thoughts about finding the answer.
Mother to Many
Julie Guirgis yearned to have a child; and her desire was fulfilled, but in a way that she did not expect.
Beautiful Hands
An unknown author tells a story that illustrates the truth that ugly can sometimes be beautiful.
Food Matters: Superfood Kale

Bible Discovery: Rights and Responsibilities

Your Bible Questions
Does Luke 16:16 say that all the laws of Moses have been abolished?