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Longing for Heaven

Nobody has ever seen heaven, but what does the Bible say about our future home?

May 2012

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Why the Bible's Health Laws Still Make Sense Today
Most people are probably unaware of how much the Bible says about healthful living.
Declared Innocent
Have you ever felt that God simply cannot accept you because of the wrong things you've done? The Bible has a solution to that problem.
Eternal Life . . . Now?
Christians commonly think that eternal life will begin at Christ's second coming. Jesus had a much different idea.
Living With Children: Micromanaging Parents


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From Death Row to Life Row
Harry Mitts shares the story of how he got to death row and how God has given him the hope of eternal life.
Charlie's Medicine
The bad things that happen to us my be God-sends in disguise.
Volunteer for Your Health
People talk about the sense of fulfillment they get from volunteering. When we give our time to help others, our health benefits as well.
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
Jesus promised that those who hold no evil in their hearts will surely see God.
Toying With Life
The resurgence of his childhood toys is causing Seth Pierce to think about death and resurrection.
The Wise Young Couple
In the heart of Africa, wisdom doesn't necessarily depend on education or age.
Pictures of Jesus
An unknown author imagines what Jesus looked like by reflecting on the four Gospels that tell His story.
This English university town is often referred to as the cradle of the English Reformation.
How to Discern the Truth
A lesson from ordinary life tells how to recognize truth and avoid being deceived by erroneous beliefs.
Food Matters: Step Into the Sunshine

Bible Discovery: Hope for Steve Jobs?

Your Bible Questions
Where in the Bible does it say that God knows everything that's going to happen in our lives before it happens?