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Why Jesus Matters

Jesus lived nearly 2,000 years ago, so what difference does He make to us today?

April 2014

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Who's Afraid of the Judgment?
Some Christians think God is a fearsome Judge who's "out to get them." But John Brunt explains why no one needs to feel afraid of God's judgment.
Are There Two Gods in the Bible?
Is the Old Testament God harsh and cruel while the New Testament God is gentle, loving, and kind? Greg King provides some thoughtful responses to these questions.
God's Family
There's a song titled "The Family of God." Loren Seibold explains who that family is and how they usually get along just fineā€”but sometimes they don't.
Food Matters: How to Get Kids to Eat More Fruit


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Get Outside
While any form of exercise is good for you, outdoor activities can provide a certain sense of freedom. Online personal trainer Andrew Cate explains the benefits.
Carried by Faith
Heather Anne Bloom reflects on what it's like to raise an autistic child.
A Work in Progress
According to Rodney Woods, it isn't what you see that matters; it's the promise the object holds.
Jerusalem in 48 hours
Ouri Sivan shares his top picks of places to visit if you only have two days to spend in Jerusalem.
Bringing Joy to Retirement
Morgan Darrow shares tips on how to help our parents and others to prepare for one of life's most important transitions.
The Gift of Life
April is the time of year when we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection. Nancy Canwell takes a look at the meaning of this special season.
A Meal From the King's Table
Leon Caviness's story illustrates the Bible promise that God provides for all of our needs.
Living With Children: Imaginary Friends

Bible Discovery: The Gift of Forgiveness

Your Bible Questions
What is the "infectious skin disease" described in Leviticus 13:2, 9, etc.?