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Near-Death Experiences: Are They Real?

Sure, you read about them in the National Enquirer They're the stuff of TV specials. But what does the Bible say?

April 2013

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When Will God Judge the World?
The Bible makes it clear that God will judge the world someday. But when will that happen?
The Basics of Vegetarianism
Thinking of starting on a meat-free diet but not sure how? Take a look at these steps.
Resting in Grace
Sabbath is about resting in God's work, not our own.
Food Matters: Foraging for Fiber


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Treasure in a Parking Lot
Ancient burial tombs in Israel help strengthen the authenticity of the stories about Jesus' life and death. Here's how.
The Day Sin Lost Its Power
Trust is the solution behind the problems of this world.
Christ's Finished Work
Christ's death on the cross secured a place in a much better world for all those who trust Him.
Courage in India's Brothels
Tammy Moses reports on one organization's effort to stop human trafficking in India.
A Life in Parts
An innocuous bump on the hand would lead to devastating loss for one woman. This is Loretta Goebel's story.
God's Expectation
What you think of yourself doesn't matter nearly as much as what God thinks of you. And that can profoundly change what you think of yourself!
Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted
Sonja Larsen finds out the real reward when it comes to standing up for justice.
Playing Nice
The sometimes painful experience of getting along with others is made simpler with these tips.
The Broken Violin
God can refashion our sinful lives so that we produce beautiful music.
Living With Children: Punishment Pain

Bible Discovery: Now the Good News!

Your Bible Questions
Why would our loving God allow unpleasant events to happen to Job just to prove a point to Satan?