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Tips for a Happy Marriage

Faith, hope, and love are the strands of a sustaining cord in relationships.

March 2017

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The Answer to a Great Disappointment
They thought Jesus would come in 1844.
Is Ecumenism Unity
Catholics and Lutherans are joining hands.
What Inspiration Means
How God communicates with people
Food Matters
Tricks to a Lower GI Diet

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Life Really Is Beautiful
Depression is a battle that can be won. Knowing how is the key.
The Power of Touch
Why it's important
A Leap of Faith
Stepping out of a good job was the most terrifying thing she ever did.
When Jesus Told the Angels
He would leave heaven on a dangerous rescue mission. Now He had to inform His family.
The Enemy Party
The best way to deal with one's enemy.
The Times We Live In
Why are we surrounded by destruction and hurt?
Meet in the Middle
A practical solution to domestic conflict
My Great Big Happy Family
You thought two children were a handful? Try nine!
The Anonymous Benefactor
The story of a wealthy businessman who just happened to see a need—and he did something about it.
To Kill a Rooster
The rooster that condemned the apostle Peter crows for each of us.
Picture of a Dying Church
Cobwebs in the cloisters
Religion in the News

Living With Children
Your Bible Questions