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More Than Ballot Boxes

During this election year in the United States, Clifford Goldstein reminds us that, while politics is important, it can never offer the ultimate solution to our human problems.

March 2016

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Divine Insanity
Charles Mills says that you will experience a lot of changes when you let God be a part of your life.
In All Things, Charity
Why are there so many different kinds of Christians today, and what does this mean for the world? Loren Seibold responds.
The Purpose of God's Judgment in Heaven
Christians sometimes call Christ’s second coming “the great judgment day,” which it surely will be. But Marvin Moore asks whether that’s God’s only judgment mentioned in the Bible.
Living With Children
Teens and Drugs

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A Sound Investment
Imagine a world where we don’t need to spend time preparing or cooking food. Sound like an efficient use of time? Simon Barden asks us to think again.
Moving Forward
Emily Harris Adams shares her struggle of wishing for a baby that never came.
The Expert Restorer
Judith Nembhard says that when we want something to be done with a high level of competence, we usually seek the help of an expert.
The Worn Kitchen Table
Jen Hatmaker responds to the disconnect of our superconnected world.
The Ice Battle
As the problem of crystal methamphetamine ramps up, Australian author Julie Guirgis asks whether forced rehabilitation is the answer.
The Blood Moon Tetrad
With a lunar eclipse scheduled for this month, Kim Peckham takes a look at whether it—or the four blood moons of recent years—are a portent of things to come.
How to Die Right
Mary Bradley’s mother gave her a precious lesson: it is possible to be genuinely happy, even in the face of adversity.
Record-Breaking Forgiveness
Laura Gomoll learned an excellent lesson about forgiveness from an unfortunate incident she experienced one day.
Lessons From Bread Making
God transforms our lives. The process is quite like making a loaf of bread, says Colin Renfrew.
Help Yourself by Helping Others
M. E. Erickson tells a story that illustrates the truth that when we help others we may benefit even more than they do.
Religion in the News

Food Matters
Deconstructing Bircher Muesli
Your Bible Questions