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Guide to Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is more than just food. Charles Mills explains the role that water plays in a healthful lifestyle.

March 2014

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The Infinite Hitler
Many people wonder how a loving God could torture human beings forever just because they rejected His love. George Knight provides a biblical answer to this question.
God's Contracts
The biblical topic of covenants is rather controversial in some Christian circles. Doug Batchelor looks at what the Bible says.
Finally Home
Natural disasters around the world remind us of the fragility of our earth, but Nancy Canwell reminds us of a hope we can hold on to.
Can You Talk Back to God?
Is it OK to question God? Is it OK to challenge Him over the unfortunate things that happen in your life? Alden Thompson reflects on the answers to these questions.
Living With Children: Protecting Teens


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Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Kelly James-Enger suggests a few simple tips you can use to prepare your own fast foods that have variety and flavor.
Declutter and Take Back Time
Are you being crowded out of life by all the "stuff" in it? Michele Tocci suggests ways to better organize your home, allowing some quality "you" time.
Wanting More
TV does more than entertain us. Geoff Youlden warns that the media could be selling us values we can all do without.
When They Grow Up
Your role as a parent changes as your children get older. Karen Holford suggests what you can do when your kids aren't kids anymore.
What If You Can't Forgive?
What can you do when another person has hurt you so severely you can't forgive—but you know you should? Marvin Moore responds to this critical question.
I Was Not Left Behind
It's bad enough thinking you might be lost. Holly Lackey had an experience that taught her what it would be like to think you really were.
Even the Angels Must Laugh!
Jan Doward points out that sometimes funny things happen—even in church.
Investing With God
James J. White tells the story of a businessman who made a deal with his son—and the outcome has a good lesson for Christians on how we handle our money.
Bible Discovery: From Contruction to Destruction

Food Matters: Beets Lower Blood Pressure

Your Bible Questions
What is a "sin of ignorance"? If it's a sin how can it be committed ignorantly?