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Seeking Immortality

Is there a “fountain of youth” somewhere that we can all tap into?

February 2019

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The Millennium—When and Where?
Revelation’s one-thousand-year timespan made plain
How Old Is Life on Earth?
There are problems with the popular view.
Lessons in a Plumbing Shop
Have you ever wondered why God plans to have a judgment? This story will give you part of the answer.
Living With Children
Disciplining the Autistic Child

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The Best Three Dollars I Ever Spent
Some lessons are remembered for a lifetime.
Our world wasn’t intended to be this dark.
The odd stranger from whom you can learn more than you’d think
When Loss Is More
The cry, “Why, God, why?” can lead us to say, “Thank You, God!”
A Message From God
Understanding the gift of prophecy
6 Ways to Be More Spiritually Resilient
Don’t let the hard times get you down!
She was there when he needed her.
Lost and Found

Religion in the News

Health Matters: Stop the sniffles

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