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Gambling: Is It Really That Bad?

Well, actually, yes. Read on to find out how bad.

February 2018

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The Dead and End-Time Deceptions
To be forewarned is to be forearmed and much safer
How to Really Believe in Jesus
Believe in Jesus, and you will be saved. But just how does this work?
God’s Locksmith
He holds the keys to death and the grave.
Living With Children: Parent-View Disorder


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How I Almost Missed the Eclipse
And why I didn’t
The Frog
Frogs in the basement taught a lesson long to be remembered.
Where Water Means Life
A look at the history of baptism
Following the Footprints
A snow hike led to a significant spiritual lesson.
A Visit With the President
How a soldier got an interview with President Abraham Lincoln—and the lesson his story has for us.
God’s Ten Commandments
Does God have a moral and ethical code like we do?
No Way Out?
Frank Brown is about to lose his life, and there’s no way out—or is there?
How to Be a Positive Person
Fill up your half-empty glass.
God Really Can
A man who trusted that God could solve his problem.
Religion in the News

Food Matters: A Diet for Asthmatics

Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions