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Facing Fear

Fear is a healthy emotion, but it’s destructive when it holds us back from taking reasonable risks.

February 2017

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What the Holy Spirit Can Do for You
The Holy Spirit is active in our world, and He wants to be active in your life.
Why Origins Matter
How relevant is the Bible’s account of Creation?
The End of Death
God’s plan for dealing with this ultimate human conundrum.
Living With Children
Fear of Doctors

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The Sweet Taste of Victory
Advice for those who are struggling to control their diets
The Five Foundations of the Reformation
The basic teachings of Martin Luther that led to the Reformation
Waiting for the Doomsday Disease
Are epidemics a sign that the second coming of Jesus is near?
The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

A Prayer That Saved
Does prayer make a difference?
"Earth Calling Mars . . . "

Ethical Consumption and the Gospel
Can the things we buy affect our relationships with others?
Paying It Forward
How do we make decisions about borrowing money?
The Gift

Religion in the News

Food Matters
What are Plant-based Diets?
Your Bible Questions