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How the World Will End

We live in a dangerous world that's getting more dangerous by the day. Arnold Wheeler says that, according to the Bible, that's what we can expect!

February 2016

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Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?
Some Christians are afraid they won't recognize their friends and loved ones in heaven. Marvin Moore responds to this concern.
The God Helmet
Some spiritual experiences come from God. Others don't. Loren Seibold explains how you can tell the difference.
The Rhythm of Life
Tim Crosby says that the idea of resting one day out of every seven is built into our human bodies and the bodies of many other living creatures.
Food Matters: Shaking Your Salt Habit


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The Cooperation in Nature
After more than a century of war with bacteria, we're finally beginning to realize that most of them are our friends. Timothy Standish explains why.
Home Alone
As telecommuting becomes more common, Karen Holford explores ways in which we can do it without feeling isolated.
The Obesity-Dementia Link
Arlene Taylor explains the reason why overweight and obese people are more likely to experience dementia later in life.
A Child's First Prayer
Jeris Bragan tells the story of a family in desperate need and a boy's prayer for help.
Rhyme Time
Moving to a different state with a new baby was taking a toll on Suvi Mahonen. And then she slapped her husband during a heated argument.
The Game Where Nobody Wins
As marriage increasingly eludes more and more people, Vanesa Pizzuto shares her concenrs over the fierce competition that may escalate.
Cockroaches and a Friend
Sometimes God's answers to prayers take our breath away. Tim Holbrook learned firsthand how real that can be.
Getting Muddy
Move over CrossFit and boot camps. According to Darren Morton, mud runs are fast becoming the thing to train for this year.
The Long Wait
J. R. Miller tells a story that helps us to understand why our prayers aren't always answered when we expect.
Living With Children: Changing Parenting Policies

Your Bible Questions
What will we do in heaven forever? What will men do? What will women do?