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Typhoon Haiyan: Where Was God?

Why does our world suffer from so many disasters? Ed Dickerson reflects on the cause of these terrible events.

February 2014

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Is This All There Is?
Dean Edgar looks at God's plan for the human race and concludes that there's much more to life than the few years we're allocated on this earth.
Is Creation Credible?
Did God really create the things in nature? Nancy Canwell's friend asked this question, and he found the answer.
What the Holy Spirit Will Do for You?
God was faced with a huge problem several millenniums ago, and Marvin Moore says the Holy Spirit helped Him solve it.
Food Matters: Dieting Dos and Don'ts


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The Power of Hope
What do you do when life throws one obstacle after another at you?
Food for Thought
Nyree Tomkins shares some thoughts about one of the most poignant promises in history.
Gone too Soon
In working though a tragic loss, Julene Kapao's friend learned that sometimes grief and peace coexist.
Is Stress Making You Fat?
What's eating you could be controlling what you're eating. Kelly James-Enger suggests that stress may be the most fattening thing in your diet.
Send Your Children Out Armed
Geneva Turner shares how you can prepare your children to live and succeed in life.
The Day the World Ended
Harold Harker tells the stories of Pompeii and Herculaneum, two towns that had everything and then they were abruptly destroyed.
How to Know if You're addicted
Carol Cannon, an addition recovery therapist, explains how to recognize an addition, including some issues you may never have thought of as addictions.
An Honest Crook
Some terms are self-contradictory, but Roy Borgess draws an important lesson from one that he heard someone say.
Living With Children: Is Thumb Sucking Harmful?

Bible Discovery: Evolution or Creation?

Your Bible Questions
How did worship on Sunday, the first day of the week, come about?