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The Devil's Door Into Spiritualism

Many people think that when you die you keep on living. This idea poses danger to those who believe it.

February 2012

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Imagine Heaven!
Nobody alive today has ever been there or seen the place, but here are some good suggestions on what heaven will be like.
These Changin' Times
Protestants and Catholics living in harmony? What does this really mean?
Pursued by Grace
Who goes after who? Most people believe they have to seek God, but according to the Bible, God pursues us.
Food Matters: Losing Weight Permanently


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6 Time-Saving Strategies for Healthy Family Meals
Tips on meal preparation that will give busy parents more opportunities to spend time with their families.
Drink Deeply
One hot day, Blake Penland discovered how to spend more meaningful time with God.
The Art Capital of the World
Take a tour of the Italian city of Florence and learn about the life of one of its most famous citizens, Girolama Savonarola.
Meeting Royalty
An encounter with the queen of England at the time of her golden jubilee can remind us of God's love for us.
Where the Heart Is
Home is more than a place to sleep and relax. It's a place to know God and experience love.
The Heart of the Matter
When Nicole Watson gave her heart to Jesus at the age of 16, she could never have dreamed of the journey she would travel.
Honoring My Parents for 28 Days
Scott Wegener had a hair-raising experience while seeking to obey God's fifth commandment.
The List
Judy Gulley drove a school bus filled with high school teens. Loud. Aggressive. Bullies. Then one day, she learned that teens have hearts too.
Bark Goes My Angel
Sometimes guardian angels come in forms we don't expect.
Bible Discovery: The Importance of Marriage and Family

Living With Children: Moving Trauma?

Your Bible Questions
What is God's plan for people who have been neglected and are not able to hear the word of life like repentance and baptism?