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Why Does a Good God Allow Pain and Suffering?

It's easy to imagine a utopian society where there is no pain, prejudice, or selfishness, and where everyone works together to eliminate disease. But efforts to create such a society always come up against human nature.

February 2010

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How Perfect Must I Be?
What level of character development must God's people have in order to meet Jesus when He comes?
What Heaven Is Really Like
The Bible does not describe heaven as a place where you will strum a harp as you sit on a cloud.
Baptism By the Book
In our modern world, is baptism according to God's instruction really necessary?
Food Matters: Liquid Calories to Burn


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Sugar Shock
New Research reveals that a sweet tooth may be more of an addiction than mere predilection.
Economic Hard Times in Revelation
The Bible is filled with predictions about the end time, but does it predict our current global financial crisis?
Coping With Grief
We're not promised a trouble-free life, but when hurt comes, you can minimize its impact.
The Write Lesson
Some lessons in life come harder than others, and sometimes we need help from someone else.
How to Help a Victim of Sexual Abuse
Good intentions aren't enough when counseling adult victims of sexual abuse. From years of experience, Carol Cannon outlines the pitfalls and how to avoid them.
Florence's Dream
God is with us, beside us, when we face trials. The author tells how God comforted one woman who faced death from cancer.
What Salvation Is Not—and What It Is
Salvation is really a way of life, according to Rodney Woods.
A New Day for Syear
Education in basic health and hygiene makes a huge improvement in the lives of many.
The Definition of Love
The word love has a hundred meanings. But when Sally Salmond saw one, she recognized it instantly.
Calculating the Cost
Things that look cheap may be priceless.
Bible Discovery: Be Sure of Your Salvation

Living With Children: Helping Shy Kids Become Sociable

Your Bible Questions
Why do some modern versions of the Bible leave out words and even entire verses that appear in the King James Version?