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Death: Where Do We Go?

When it’s time to go, what’s the destination?

January 2017

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Restoring Planet Earth
Some thoughts on what we’ve done to our planet—and what God plans to do to it.
Can God Stop Loving Me?
It’s so easy for us humans to think that we’re too bad for God to accept us.
Would You Recognize a Jesus Impersonator?
Could anyone counterfeit Christ’s second coming?
Food Matters
Choosing and Using Olive Oil

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Fear Factor
The positive side of fear
Does Archaeology Confirm the Bible?
The sands of the Middle East have held secrets since ancient times. Now they’re yielding them!
Say It Ain’t so, Bill!
Is there redemption when we fail and cause others to suffer?
Living on the Edge
Get serious about making changes in your life, then watch them happen!
Can We Trust God to Be Fair?
For many, life appears grossly unfair. But is it really?
What’s so Bad About Doctrine?
Some people say, “Forget doctrine! Just give me Jesus.”
Just Walk With Me
Turning pain into gain
Walk Away From the Grim Reaper
Advice to outpace death.
Earned or Given?
Grace and works: two sides of the same coin, or two different coins?
Religion in the News

Living With Children
What About Homeschooling?
Your Bible Questions