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Is Seeing Believing?

Is science the ultimate authority on truth, at least in the natural world? Clifford Goldstein reflects on the answer to that question.

January 2016

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16 Ways to Be a Family Peacemaker
While it would seem nice to avoid all conflict, Tammy Darling suggests that it's an opportunity for growth—provided we handle the conflict appropriately.
Using Guilt to Improve Your Life
Guilt is a God-given emotion, but it's easily misused. Freelance writer Victor Parachin shares some wise advice on how to deal with it when it's misplaced.
Living With Children: What About Homeschooling?


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Hearing God's Voice
When you have to make a decision, how can you tell which way God is leading? Jeffrey Collins shares his reflections on this question.
Surprised by the Second Coming
Charles Mills comments on a question many people don't like to think about when discussing Christ's second coming: Might they end up on the wrong side?
The Sunshine Vitamin
Dr. Raymond West offers advice on how you can be sure you get enough vitamin D.
Crystal Earnhardt tells about the day God led her away from an extremely dangerous situation.
How to Become a Mature Christian
Whether it's physical or spiritual life, maturity always involves growth. Loren Seibold explains how Christians can grow toward spiritual maturity.
War in Heaven: When Everything Went Wrong
The evil in our world has puzzled theologians and philosophers for millenniums. Where did it come from? Arnold Wheeler comments on this important question.
Obsessions About Possessions
What counts isn't how much you have or how little you have, says Whitney Von Lake Hopler. It's how you use what you have.
Mother-in-law Troubles
Terrell Bowers shares a personal experience that illustrates the truth that kindness is the right way to heal a difficult relationship.
Emotional Abuse: What It Is, Why It Hurts
What is emotional abuse, and how does it affect children? Family therapist Audray Johnson responds to this critical question.
U Are the Key!
Gayle Cox uses a unique illustration to show the importance of the little deeds that God uses to advance His work on the earth.
Children Lead the Way
Charles Paddock shares a personal experience that illustrates one of the truths that Jesus taught when He lived among us.
Bible Discovery
Purpose Driven Spiritual Truth
Food Matters: A Gout-Prevention Guide

Your Bible Questions
I was hoping to spend eternity with my wife, but will I even know her in the next life?