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Planet in Crisis

You may have shrugged it off when you read about it in the newspaper or heard about it on TV. But it's real, and it fulfills Bible prophecy.

January 2013

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Father Knows Best
The girl in this story learns that bad situations can also provide excellent opportunities
Getting Healthy Makes Me Sick
Switching to a healthy diet may cause you to feel bad at first, but the long-term rewards are worth the short-term pain.
How to Get Along With Someone You Don't Like
We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time. How do we do that?
Living With Children: Who Cares?


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Long Distance Grandparenting
Grandparents love their grandkids, but many don't get to see them very often. Keeping in touch across the miles could be easier using these suggestions.
Belated Apology
Lourice Durrant was quite willing to apologize, but first she had to find out that she needed to.
4 Ways to Shed Holiday Weight Gain
Are you anxious about the few extra pounds you gained this holiday season? Here are four ways to get them back off after the New Year.
A Fresh Start
Did you make one or more New Year's resolutions several weeks ago? This annual ritual so often seems to fail.
The Bible: Where It Came From
Who wrote the Bible? What kind of writing is it? How did we get it thousands of years later?
How to Talk With a Dying Friend
Many people feel uncomfortable talking with someone who knows their life will end soon.
European (Dis)union?
The fate of Europe was predicted a long time ago.
How to Be Sure You're Saved
Four reasons why some people are afraid that they are not in a saving relationship with God—and how to deal with them.
The Carpenter
An unknown author tells a parable that conveys an important message.
Food Matters: New Year Pantry Makeover

Bible Discovery: The Bible: Certainty in an Uncertain World

Your Bible Questions
Why did David say that goodness and mercy would follow him rather than lead him all the days of his life?