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The Secret Rapture—Is It True?

Many people believe God's people will be snatched out of the world just before the Tribulation. Samuel Bacchiocchi examines the biblical evidence.

January 2011

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Does Prayer Make a Difference?
Skeptics say No, but Mark Finley says there's evidence the answer is Yes—and it can make a difference in your life.
The Lord's Supper—a Different Language
Seth Pierce examines the Communion service and the message it communicates to us today.
Growing in Chirst
Would you like to have a deeper Christian experience? Nancy Canwell suggests four ways to cultivate your relationship with God.
Living With Children: When Teens Insist on Going Bad


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A New You for the New Year
Would you like to start the new year with a new health plan? Here are some tips on how to make those New Year's resolutions stick.
What Salvation Means to Me
Everyone's religious experience is a bit different from everyone else's. Maylan Schurch reflects on what God's offer of salvation means personally to him.
Diet Busters
Are you discouraged in your effort to keep your weight under control? Joy Wendt shares some ways you may not have thought about.
The author reflects on a midnight encounter that helped her to be a partner with God in sharing His grace.
Our Debt to Edwin Hubble
You see his name whenever you read about the Hubble telescope. Here is a brief account of his life.
Much Appreciated
Why is it important to possess an attitude of gratitude?
Discovering the Book
Is there a relevant and practical application to reading the Bible?
Jenean Lewis tells of a special time she received flowers from someone she loved—and the lesson she learned from this about Jesus.
Food Matters: Honey Is Better Than Sugar

Bible Discovery: The Lord's Supper

Your Bible Questions
Where does the Bible say that the Sabbath begins on Friday evening?